Around the home.

Around Our Home   


air raid shelter


 On arriving at the home you will see that we have a rain protector over the front door, to protect you when waiting to come into the home. We also have a large green house situated next to our air raid shelter.

 Our garden is looking wonderful and the outside area has plenty of safe space for our residents to wander around as well as sitting out. We have a beautiful large water feature that not only looks lovely but the sound of running water is so relaxing. There is a lot of soft bark in the garden, which makes for a soft landing if anyone should fall, as well as benches situated around along with hand rails. The hopscotch flags are there along with many interesting garden ornaments to see. There is a  large flagged area outside the sun lounge and a strip of faux grass. This is our outdoor sitting and dining area. 

There is direct access to our garden from our dining room/snoezelan, as well as through the two side doors by the sun lounge. The gate is locked at all times, allowing the residents as much freedom and choice as possible and for those who like to wander, the choice and dignity to do as they wish, whether rain or shine.

bike and front door



water whisky barrel

 Our dining area is in our multi purpose snoezelan lounge where we have lightweight aluminium tables and chairs that can either be stacked out of the way or outside on the faux grass for those sunny days we all love, enabling al fresco dining. We have dementia friendly linen including table cloths and napkins and table mats, as well as dementia friendly crocery. 

These can also be lined up to make a cinema/ group work. There is a mural on the main wall, of the view over Clayton as well as a cinema theme and border with two original cinema seats as a focal point. A very large television is on the wall to enable the room to be used as a cinema as well as craft/ activity room. There are fresh flowers at our station area. In our reception area where we have chocolate leather tub chairs and a fruit water dispenser for all to help themselves to. We also have a post box where anyone can pop a note/letter or parcel.

dining table and chairs

pub telly 

"The Bulldogs Head Inn" is our pub, we serve various drinks and snacks. Our tub chairs and tables, as well as brasses are complimented with a wallpaper border of wine and beer, and a bell! As well as a TV, beer mats and regular darts matches. The whole design is old fashioned, welcoming and cosy.

 "Time ladies and Gentlemen please!"

We also have our own shop - Mrs MacQueens. For sale we have snacks, chocolates and sweets, as well as smellies. The shop is operated on a cashless system. The shop is opened daily and there is also an ice cream freezer available for anyone who wants a lolly or an ice cream. We also stock diabetic friendly items.


website pic 

The main lounge has the station area located to enabale our staff to see the whole room. Located on the top of the station is our dementia friendly clock. To the front of the station are photos of our residents enjoying the various activities and outings offered within the home. Also within this space is our sun lounge, quiet reading corner and tea for two cafe corner. Our flower cart can be found within this location. In a morning we offer breakfast pastries. At all times fruit water and fresh fruit is available.

 We also have an additional small quiet library focal point upstairs. This has a lovely mural view of meadows over Clayton, as well as books to read.

 All in all, our home is a positive, bright environment for all to enjoy, so please do and cheers!