20091010_1Our philosophy of care at The Flowers Care Home is to treat everyone as we would wish to be treated in an atmosphere of 'The Flower' which signifies Mother earth who cares for the earth. Flowers come in family groups, have inner beauty, are bright, fragrant, alive, healthy and gentle. Some have healing powers and the forget me not is poignant to what we promote in Dementia and is therefore the motif of the home. The holistic approach to care at The Flowers ensures that each resident is seen as a person, an individual with specific needs to them and as such, person centred care is implemented to all residents for all areas of their being, physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Dementia may cause a person living in a care home to behave in ways that are bewildering and upsetting, both to themselves and those caring for them. However the kind of care that they receive can make a big difference to their behaviour and quality of life. A good care home will follow the principles of person centred care, aiming to see the person and not the illness. Rather than focusing on the abilities they have lost, person centred care takes into account each individuals unique qualities, abilities, interests, preferences and needs and maintain these within safe boundaries.

Prior to admission to the home, all residents are assessed to meet their needs and the care mangers decision is needed before any admission. Emergency admissions will be accepted as long as all required documentation is in place and a bed is available. The security and safety of all in the home is paramount, therefore assessing, communicating and monitoring are essential. The home will safeguard the residents right to confidentiality and we work within the limitations of the data protection act.

Nursing care is not provided in the home, although minor nursing needs can be treated by visiting district nurses as well as the regular twice weekly clinic held by the community matron. We are able to offer a high dependency plan of care, and we excel at end of life care.

Access to the new and innovative Telemedicine which allows our care staff direct access via a web link (webcam) from the comfort of the residents own room to contact a fully qualified nurse based at the Airedale hospital (telehealth hub) aiding residents to be diagnosed and assisted quickly thus avoiding the disruption and trauma of going to casualty.

Care plans are implemented and reviewed at regular intervals for all residents. This is to meet their changing needs and to manage any problems or needs/requirements that may occur, along with risk assessments, body mapping, documentation of all multi disciplinary visits and daily reports. We also use 'This is me', Dementia Care Mapping and hospital passports when required.

Nutrition is taken very seriously and meals are very tasty! Meals are provided by Apetito as well as weekly deliveries from the local shops. Choice is always available and monitored by the care manager and senior careers to avoid an unbalanced nutritional intake. Our main meal is at tea time. Finger foods are encouraged along with eating wherever the resident choose. Fluids are on going constantly and supplied at regular intervals and by request.

Life skills and maintaining skills learned through life, are encourage and along with any activities that interest our residents. Residents in the home are free to engage in their chosen activities and hobbies/skills, providing of course that they do not cause harm to others or themselves. We have a dedicated activity co-ordinator over 7 days. Whilst we have an activity time table, this is only a guide and residents are free to choose what they take part in. We receive a daily paper - 'Daily Chat'. This is a newspaper based on historical events that occurred on that day back in history. This is read out and enjoyed by all every morning. Other daily activities include dart matches, gardening club, chair aerobics and arts and crafts. Outings are weekly, including a monthly scenic drive. We also have regular visits from outside organisations including the donkey sanctuary and regular fun days. We hold monthly resident meetings, and any information/views from the meetings are acted upon. We have monthly regilous services held within the home. For current information please refer to the residents event board located in the main lounge.   

Spending money should be provided for residents to spend freely in accordance with the guidance from the local authority. Personal spending monies will be kept in a residents own pocket, within a locked safe. We will always be provided receipts for any purchase.

Our in house hairdresser visits twice weekly.

Hip protectors are available and encouraged in the home, as a preventative measure as although we do not take responsibility if they fail to achieve the required outcome, research has shown that hip fractures are reduced when wearing these.

Comments are taken very seriously. The homes policies and procedures concerning comments are available to view throughout the home. Located at the station is the friends and family information file. Friends and familys are encouraged to pick this up and have a read whenever they visit the home. In the reception area the friends and family information board is located. We also issue a 4 weekly newsletter and this goes out with the invoices. Copies of the newsletters can be found in the home attached to the friends and family board and located within the friends and family file.